The haskap is the fruit of a shrub of the honeysuckle family that can reach 1.5 to 2 meters in height. The shrub does not produce unwanted shoots, does not have thorns, supports pruning very well and gives fruit the year after planting.

The shrub bears some fruit as early as the year after planting. However, the first commercial harvest will take place only around the age of three or four.

The shrub is not very sensitive to attacks by insects and diseases, which allows organic production or without chemical additions.

Two compatible varieties are needed for cross pollination.


The shrub is a very resistant, able to thrive in the northern conditions specific to Quebec.

Its hardiness allows it to withstand extreme winter temperatures, down to -47 ° C, without damage.

As for the flowers, they easily withstand temperatures of -7 ° C, without prejudicing fruit production.

Completely adapted to cold climates, the shrub naturally resists harsh winters and late spring frosts.

Since its establishment in Quebec in 2007, the haskap quickly attracted the attention of producers and agricultural processors.