Sister of blueberry?

The haskap is a bluish berry, similar to blueberry, but darker and elongated in shape, and its flesh is an intense purple.

This unusual-looking little fruit resembles a large, elongated blueberry.

The haskap has a unique flavor combining that of bluiseberry, raspberry and blackcurrant.

They should be picked when the fruit is a blue similar to that of blueberries and when its flesh is an intense purple color.

Picking haskap is similar in every way to that of blueberries. You have to equip yourself with patience and thoroughness because these are delicate.

Like blueberries, haskap has the qualities desired for processing, freezing, bulk sales and export.

After blueberries, the haskap?

“Its properties are superior to those of blueberries and it is more organic since we do not yet have a problem with insects, so it is free of chemical compounds”, says the one who sees a bright future for this small fruit. .

Source: July 9, 2016