Flavor and Color

A mixture of flavors !!

Fresh or processed, haskap has some truly delicious and unique flavors that can vary from cultivar to cultivar.

According to most people, haskap has a sweet and slightly acidic flavor that makes the taste of haskap so unique and incomparable to other berries known in Quebec

That is, in one bite, come together blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, nectarine, plum, blackcurrant and sometimes even rhubarb;

This flavor, more complex and more intense than most berries, is sought after by chefs in their gastronomic quest.

The inner layer can be green with a sour flavor even though the outer layer is dark blue and looks ripe!

When the inner layer is dark purple or blue, the berries are ready to harvest (click here for picking tips)


The fruit has a juicy flesh of an intense wine red and contains a few small seeds inside that are imperceptible.

It produces a wine similar in color and flavor to red grape or cherry wine.

The haskap gives a beautiful bright purplish red to dairy products.

Have you ever tasted haskap?

Imagine an elongated blueberry, the inside of which resembles the texture of a grape.

Its flesh, flash purple and juicy, has a taste between that of raspberry and blackcurrant, ranging from slightly tart to very sweet depending on the variety.

Tempted to try it?

Source: savourer.ca