Fresh haskap

Sweet flavor, slightly acidulous, very, very rich in antioxidants, excellent source of vitamins A, C, and fiber



Haskap has a sweet and slightly acidic flavor that is a cross between blueberry, raspberry and blackberry.

The juice of haskap has a very intense burgundy color.

With its delicious taste, its antioxidant properties, its excellent source of vitamins A, C and fiber (click here to find out more about the nutritional value), haskap will be the fruit to discover this summer and to include in a multitude of receipts. (Click here to know more about recipes)


Available in June and July only

Fruit already picked or self-picking

Without pesticide, nor herbicide;

Point of sale: Orchard’s kiosk, 4701 chemin du lac, St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, J0K 2N0


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